1. Salam alaikum amanda, I’m going to try the Chocolate Eclairs today but is their a substitute for the vanilla bean paste?

    Ramadan Kareem!

  2. Hello Amanda! I am Abdul Azis, a Muslim-Filipino! =)
    My father is Muslim and my mother converted. What skills does it take to be on MasterChef? Ever since I was a child I dreamt of being in the same place as you were in MasterChef. What are the basic knowledge I will need in order for me to achieve my dream In Sha Allah?

    Happy Ramadhan! =)

    1. Hi Abdul Azis! Asalamu alikum! To be a contestant on Masterchef I would say you need a passion for food, a strong personal twist on food and courage to audition! You can do it! Best of luck πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks for answering! I am expected to go to college in the US, I am Grade 8 now, so 3 more years to go! I hope I can audition and hopefully I get to be one lucky person. Thanks for the advice, and I love your Popsicles! (Even though I haven’t included Blueberries since it’s not available in the Philippines)

        Salaam! =)

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