Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

Mexican hot chocolate cookies, spicy cookies, mexican cookies, spicy chocolate cookies

I first had Mexican chocolate while vacationing with my family in Mexico. As a teenager, I did not appreciate the intense flavor profile of this chocolate. Luckily, my palate has evolved and I have since learned to appreciate this beautiful marriage of sweet and spicy.

The history of chocolate takes us to

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Pumpkin Curry Soup with Cranberry Relish

Cranberry relish, pumpkin curry soup, pumpkin soup, cranberry and pumpkin

There is no denying I love a good spice blend. Layers of flavors, that dance around the star ingredient.

I came across a few variations of a pumpkin curry soup and knew immediately that I wanted to try making it my own.

I had previously purchased some pumpkins, roasted and peeled and then pureed them. So, I was excited to have fresh pumpkin puree for this recipe. You can read

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Bang Bang Shrimp

bang bang shrimp

There are many recipes on the inter web for bang bang shrimp. I’ve learned that many of these are a copy cat recipe of Bone Fish Grill. I have not tried their bang bang shrimp, but decided I wanted to try it at home!  This has also been served as an appetizer; I thought could be served with rice as an entrée! 

bang bang shrimp

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Rosemary Roasted Carrots

carrots roasted with rosemary

During the 100th episode of MasterChef, I was the first round draft pick to join Nick Nappi’s team. We set out to create a menu to celebrate this huge milestone. The guests of honor included previous MasterChef contestants, restaurateurs, and food bloggers!

Our menu consisted of an appetizer of oysters and caviar (so fancy!) and our entree was duck breast with rice and roasted carrots!

We had little time to prep everything and I was worried about having to peel carrots for 50 people! But then, Mr. Stephen Lee, master gardener, ultimate veggie connoisseur had a brilliant suggestion! He handed me a 

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