Shallot Goat Cheese Spring Vegetable Crostini

Spring Crostini

We were invited to Easter Dinner at our friends home and were asked to make an appetizer. 

To some, this may seem like an easy task. But for me, I would not decide on what an appropriate appetizer for Easter would be. 

I decided on a crostini, because it is durable and would act as a blank canvas! If you follow me on Snapchat if have already seen me making these live! Join me for all the first look at all my recipes! 🙂 

Amandas Plate Snapchat

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Beet-Pickled Deviled Eggs

Beet pickled eggs, eggs, pickled eggs

Deviled Eggs also known as angel eggs, Russian eggs or just stuffed eggs. There are thousands of variations, and each region in the US has their own variation. 


I was asked to create a deviled eggs recipe for the Fred Meyer Easter E-book. Check it out here. Thank you to Fred Meyer for sponsoring this post 🙂 

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Cookie Cheesecake Bars

I love a good mash up dessert. These Cookie Cheesecake Bars are just that! And when in bar form, these sweet treats are portable and easy to eat. Think picnics, BBQ’s and even a strolling appetizer party! 

cookie cheesecake bars

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Mussels in Spicy Tomato Sauce

mussels, spanish tapas, spanish tapas in spicy sauce

I love a spicy tomato sauce. My favorite way to enjoy a robust, rich, spicy sauce is with seafood. 

I created this recipe for Fred Meyer’s Taste of Spain Event! A special thank you to the Kroger Stores for sponsoring this post! 🙂

You can shop the Taste of Spain Event at your local Kroger and Fred Meyer Stores beginning April 3rd! 

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Asparagus Tart with Homemade Ricotta

I first made ricotta cheese at home, after watching Stephen Lee make it on MasterChef. I was in awe! How did he manage to make cheese in a competition?

I remember watching my grandmother make labneh at home, but never thought about doing it myself (lazy millennial? Idk…)

Well, I looked up some ricotta recipes and to my surprise they were fairly simple and I had all the ingredients at home. You will need a cheesecloth (or a nut milk bag), which can be found in most grocery stores.

homemade ricotta cheese

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