Mussels in Spicy Tomato Sauce

mussels, spanish tapas, spanish tapas in spicy sauce

I love a spicy tomato sauce. My favorite way to enjoy a robust, rich, spicy sauce is with seafood. 

I created this recipe for Fred Meyer’s Taste of Spain Event! A special thank you to the Kroger Stores for sponsoring this post! 🙂

You can shop the Taste of Spain Event at your local Kroger and Fred Meyer Stores beginning April 3rd! 

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French Madeleines

French Madeleines

Last summer, my husband bought a cookie from Starbucks.

Offended? Me? No.

My husband just bought a cookie wrapped in plastic from a store. Which is basically code for “I wish my wife would make these cookies at home”.

And make them I did! I’ve been making them since. And now

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Brownies For Two

brownies for two recipe

I get asked often if recipes can be halved and that really depends on the recipe. It is tricky to split baking recipes, because you want to ensure you still have the proper amount of levying. 

With Valentine’s Day in mind, I made a small batch of brownies! This is the perfect way

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