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  1. Salam alaikum amanda, I’m going to try the Chocolate Eclairs today but is their a substitute for the vanilla bean paste?

    Ramadan Kareem!

  2. Hello Amanda! I am Abdul Azis, a Muslim-Filipino! =)
    My father is Muslim and my mother converted. What skills does it take to be on MasterChef? Ever since I was a child I dreamt of being in the same place as you were in MasterChef. What are the basic knowledge I will need in order for me to achieve my dream In Sha Allah?

    Happy Ramadhan! =)

    1. Hi Abdul Azis! Asalamu alikum! To be a contestant on Masterchef I would say you need a passion for food, a strong personal twist on food and courage to audition! You can do it! Best of luck πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks for answering! I am expected to go to college in the US, I am Grade 8 now, so 3 more years to go! I hope I can audition and hopefully I get to be one lucky person. Thanks for the advice, and I love your Popsicles! (Even though I haven’t included Blueberries since it’s not available in the Philippines)

        Salaam! =)

  3. Hello Amanda! I just saw you on the Today Show and felt compelled to reach out to you. What you’re doing is wonderful. As a Methodist from Northwest Pennsylvania I am fascinated by your outreach program. I would love to include you as my Muslim neighbor, but with a twist-haha! I am offering my services in your kitchen for your next meal. I’m not a chef, but know my way around the kitchen! I’m a sixth grade teacher and a photographer, but love to cook. Could I help you? (Please check me out so you know I’m sincere and safe!) As I said, I feel compelled to reach out. Best wishes and looking forward to hearing from you. Barb Hemdal

    1. Hello Barbara! Thank you so much for reaching out and for your support. I really appreciate it. I would love to come to Pennsylvania and have a dinner there! πŸ˜€ best to you and yours πŸ™‚

  4. Salaam aleikum. I have just been reading about “Dinner with your Muslim neighbours” and want to commend you on your *radical* activist plan – I would never have thought of enticing people into open discussions using food! Mind you, I’m not nearly as good a cook as you either.

    Seriously, I am impressed. You saw a situation, looked at what was within your power, and did something about it. Allah does not ask us to perform our own miracles, just look at what he has put within our reach and use it. Unfortunately most of us are blind and/or lazy and/or lacking in confidence so we don’t make the effort to effect change even where we might have done. You and your husband are an inspiration in that regard.

    I am blessed to live in New Zealand where we deal mostly with lack of knowledge than with ignorant hate, but we also need to be proactive and foster this atmosphere of tolerance. Fortunately most Kiwis are interested in why Muslims do x, y and z so they are open to conversation. The dinners are a great idea and inshaAllah after Ramadan I will encourage some members of our community to get started on it.

  5. Hi Amanda,

    As one of the biggest fans of masterchef, i was rewatching season 6, and just came across the cake episode. As a huge fan of yours it was hard to see you go, i wanted to see if there was an update on how you were doing currently in the culinary world! It’s awesome to see you are still cooking. I one day hope to be on Masterchef.

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