Homemade Candy Corn Marshmallows

I’ve never known how much I loved homemade marshmallows until I made homemade marshmallows.

There’s really never been a reason to make them from scratch, but I looked up a recipe from Ina Garten on FoodNetwork.com and had everything I needed to make them in my pantry.

To be honest, it was National S’mores Day and I wanted to impress my husband, Hussein. I knew making marshmallows from scratch would do just that 😀

And to my surprise, it was so easy! I was blown away. It was like the first time I baked a cake with my mom; completely magical.

I decided that I did not want to share the basic marshmallow recipe because there are already thousands on the web.

I had been thinking about layering different colored marshmallow fluff and to my delight it worked! I decided on candy corn as it is fitting for the crisp, colorful, festive, fall season. And thus, my homemade candy corn marshmallows were born!

I made three layers and used the colors to mimic candy corn. Orange, yellow and white. But feel free to use any colors you like! Or just keep them white 😀
I cut them into triangles so they became even more like candy corn and substituted some of the corn syrup for honey!

homemade marshmallows, candy corn dessert, halloween dessert, easy dessert But they also look cute when cute into squares. I would use a ruler to help ensure they are equal in size! I made them in a 9×13 inch pan, but an 8×8 would probably work better, as it will be easier to cut even sized marshmallows 🙂 You do need a candy thermomater but there are plenty of reasonably priced ones on the market! 🙂


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