Frozen Milk Cubes?

I’ll start by apologizing for falling off my schedule for posting new recipes and blogs.. I’ve been catching up after Ramadan and Eid and Hussein and I took a long weekend trip down to San Diego! San Diego was amazing! It rained the first three days we were there but that didn’t bother us. We met with our friends Claudia and Nick from Masterchef! We ate delicious food.. food pics here! And really enjoyed the beautiful beaches!

It was a great trip and I can’t wait to get back down to San Diego and maybe even cross the border to Mexico for some real Mexican food :D


During Ramadan, I read an article by about people putting icecubes in their cereal to keep the milk extra cold throughout their cereal eating experience.

Okay, I’ll admit it, never really thought warm milk was a problem because I usually finish my bowl of cereal fairly quickly.

I shared the article on my Facebook page and was quite surprised by all the responses! I mean people have been adding ice cubes to their cereal for years!! While others heat their milk up and then add it to their bowl.

All this talk about cereal and milk had me thinking… why not freeze some milk into cubes, so that when they melt I don’t have watery milk!

I poured the 2% milk I had on hand into a plastic ice cube tray. The next day, I pulled them out and was really surprised at what I saw! The milk had turned a pale shade of yellow! Once they were out of the freezer for a few minutes they became a milky color again-weird!

That wasn’t enough to stop me from adding them to my cereal bowl tho! I added in three cubes and my cereal was ice cold! It was wonderful and I really enjoyed it and there was a noticeable difference in the temperature. (I will leave it to the Chef Steps guys to find the difference in temperature tho! Aint nobody expect them got time for that!)

Did I enjoy it enough to keep a tray of frozen milk in my freezer? Not really. To me, cereal is a super quick breakfast that I don’t have often enough to have a frozen tray of yellow ice cubes in my freezer, but it was a fun little trial!


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  1. Assalamu’alaikum Amanda…

    Wow its such a yummy dessert, but in Indonesia we are not familiar with this kinda breakfast :D… Anw i have seen your pict on Claudia’s facebook and glad to read that you “will be a friend for life”… I think you already become one of ambassador of our religion, to scrape the Islamophobia :)

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