International Food Blogger Conference Overview

Sadly, the International Food Blogger Conference has come to an end. It was an exciting, and energizing weekend of food, friends, photography and technology. I enjoyed some aspects far more than others and I’m feeling most excited about the new blogger friends I’ve made.

The highlight of day two was hearing and meeting Kim Severson. She is incredible talented (she’s received several awards for her writing), absolutely hilarious and completely relatable.

Kim Severson, Amanda Saab, International Food Bloggers Conference Key Note

After Kim’s fun talk, I attended the Krusteaz Cookie Swap session! You can’t really go wrong with crafts and cookies, can you?

I met a great group of fellow food bloggers, made some cute vessels for sharing cookies in a fun way and got to taste a variety of Krusteaz cookies!

IFBC, International Food Blogger Conference

I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical that a cookie mix would taste like a bakery quality cookie but these did. My favorite was the butter cookie.. I had two.

IFBC Krusteaz cookies

Day three was short and the most exciting part was hearing the incredible Christopher Testani.

You’ve probably seen his work on the covers of Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart Living, GQ, Women’s Health and more.

Christopher showed a slide show of his work and I was in complete awe. From the markets of Peru, to a studio in New York, every photo told its own story; the food is always the star.

At the closing of the conference, it was announced that next years conference will be held in Sacramento, CA at the end of July. I am not sure if I will be able to make it, but encourage those who can to take advantage of such a great conference!





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