MasterChef: Breakfast and TV Dinner

If you haven’t watched last nights episode you can watch it here: MasterChef on Fox


It was time for another Mystery Box in the Masterchef kitchen. I lifted that wooden crate and in front of me was an assortment of breakfast ingredients. I saw eggs, Brioche, bacon, blood sausage, smoked salmon, cream cheese, heavy cream, asparagus, berries, maple syrup and nuts.

We then learned that chef Graham Elliot was going to be cooking along side of us!! He went to station and informed us that he would be making three dishes in the thirty minutes we had!

I made a stuffed french toast with a maple bacon nut crumble, berry compote, and two berry coulis’. I separated the blueberries and raspberries so I could have two brightly colored sauces!

Yes, you read correctly. Maple bacon nut crumble! I cooked bacon for the first time ever and from what I know I did a good job at it! Chef Gordon Ramsay walked by and tasted it and smiled!!! 😀

I was proud of my dish! I cooked with a protein I’ve never cooked with before and had a beautiful plate.

The top 3 dishes were very impressive; Nick, Katrina and Derrick were the chefs behind those dishes!

Derrick won with a stunning three part breakfast and got an advantage. He was able to selected which TV Dinner the rest of us would be making for the elimination challenge.

He chose Salisbury steak with mac and cheese and broccoli.

We then learned that Derrick had another advantage. He was able to selected one person to sit out for the first 15 minutes of the cook!

He choose…


We had five minutes to gather our ingredients from the pantry and I decided on a Mediterranean style dinner. I made a spicy beef Salisbury steak with finely chopped peppers and onion in the patty, a pistachio and panko crusted mac and cheese that was flavored with a bit of garlic and cumin and roasted broccolini with a balsamic glaze.

I was very happy with my dish!

The top two dishes were made by Nick and Olivia. They will serve as team captains in next weeks team challenge.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Jesse and Veronica. Two incredible home cooks with hearts of gold and smiles that can make any day better!

Jesse is a true southern gentleman! He is so charming and caring of all those around him!

Veronica is as bright and loving in person as she is on TV!

Both will be missed in the Master Chef kitchen.

You can “like” their Facebook pages to stay up to date with what they are creating!

Veronica’s Feast

Po Boy Jesse


Until next week!





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  1. I am rooting for you! Though you had to cook bacon, you did it with perfection! Hope you win, insyaAllah.

  2. You rock, Amanda! Can’t wait till next week’s episode. You make us all proud.

    Best, peachpine (sweet oranges) sigh.

  3. Amanda your definitely my #1 ! Cooking that bacon was definitely an excellent way to show that your a true chef ! Glad you did not let bacon get in your way of becoming masterchef !!

  4. Watched the latest episode and was rooting to see what you cooked, but it was not shown.

    Having you to tell us here what had happened is a bliss.

    It is good that you show the Chefs that you can cook anything, with delicious taste too!

    Good luck Amanda!!

  5. I loved the show, just watched it yesterday with Jessica– we were talking about how amazing it is that you have to come up with the idea for your dishes immediately. Those breakfasts looked fantastic!! Good luck Amanda!!

  6. I am sure your going to win you are unique to this challenge and that is what the public wants to see new faces new culture new dishes. Keep up the great work and break a leg! ♡

  7. Hi Amanda,
    I’m Fithriyah from Indonesia, so excited to see you on US Masterchef since you are the only one wearing hijup… wish you luck Amanda

    Love from Indonesia

  8. I was so sorry to see you leave tonight…your cake sounded yummy! BTW I’m Messianic…we don’t eat pork either!

  9. Sad to hear you are eliminated, but if I am not mistaken Masterchefs can have a day where eliminated people come back and cook for another chance, I hope there is!

    Never I have been so broken hearted for Masterchef haha, well can I ask, don’t you get hungry with the food you cook?

      1. Oh god really? Spoil it to us whos the winner c: Or just literally email me haha what month did you finish it?

  10. Hi Amanda,

    Me and my husband were supporting you since the very first episode. And we were so sad to see you leaving MasterChef kitchen. Just like the previous comment, we have never been this sad and broken hearted seeing someone leaving the kitchen.

    Don’t stop cooking and keep inspiring!

    Regards from Indonesia,

  11. Asalaamo alaikom Amanda!

    I recorded my MC shows during Ramadan and am just getting around to watching them. I recently watched the one where you were eliminated and I literally cried, I was so sad to see you go. I thought Graham was going to cry when he realized your cake wasn’t done, because when he said, “Oh Amanda…” it sounded like his voice quivered a little.

    I haven’t watched the rest yet, and I’m hoping for a “bring you back” type situation also, but no matter what, you did us all proud. You were always so sweet and kind, a true representative of Islam. May Allah bless you always and give you much success in this life and the next.



    1. Salam Barbara! Thank you so much for your kind message! I really appreciate your kind message! Hope you had a great ramadan and Eid! 🙂

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