MasterChef Premieres Today!

Just a friendly reminder in case you missed my countless tweets, snaps, Facebook and Instagram posts about MasterChef; today is the premiere of season 6! It begins at 8pm on Fox (channel 13 in Seattle, channel 2 in Detroit).

I have been busy doing some fun things:

Podcast with Walid, Greed for Ilm: Listen Here


Live Demo on Fox Q13 with Liz: Live Demo on Fox13!

Feature on Haute Hijab: Read Here


Premiere day is here. The day I have been waiting for. It almost feels like the first day of school (that is, if you are a nerd like me and were excited for the first day for weeks in advance and had your backpack packed with freshly sharpened pencils, a new notebook, all your summer assignments complete and your outfit already layed out). Haha!

Today, I will be competing amongst the 40 best home cooks for a highly coveted white apron! Are you following any of the other contestants? Any favorites?

Did you hear about the TWIST? Of course, there is a twist! We have to be kept on our toes. We must be ready for anything at any time!

For the first time ever, we will be competing in head to head battles! WHAT A SURPRISE!

Who will I be up against? What will I make? Will I get a white apron? Are you interested in an orange MasterChef apron? Get one here:

All these questions and so many more will be answered TONIGHT! Tune in to Fox to watch and find out what happens to this food blogging, social working, home cook!

I will be live tweeting using #TeamAmandaSaab



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