Trends on Trends Noosa Brunch

You may have noticed a new yoghurt in the dairy aisle with a funny name; Noosa.

It’s an Australian style yoghurt, that is rich and thick, all natural and an absolute treat to eat! My favorite is the pumpkin (it tastes like pumpkin pie).

I was invited to attend the Trends on Trends Noosa brunch at The Whale Wins in Seattle.

Brunch was prepared by Chef Renee Erickson! For those who don’t know, Renee is an incredible chef, cook book author and restaurateur in Seattle!

You may have seen my Instagram post from the event. Brunch began with a Noosa yoghut bar. I gravitated towards the lemon yoghurt; a flavor I had not yet tried.

ypghurt, noosa, brunch, breakfast club

I sprinkled on some za’aatar, drizzled on olive oil, a few drips of Renee’s honey from the hives on her farm, a couple of roasted walnuts and brunch had officially begun.

I was able to connect with some incredible creative people in the Seattle area and of course take some awesome food photos! Check out the hashtag #BreakfastClubSE on Instagram!

Noosa Yoghurt, brunch, the whale wins

 Next up where these house-made filled doughnuts <3 My favorite was the vanilla filling!

jelly doughnuts, doughnuts, custard filled donutsAnd Chef Erickson prepared the poached eggs on toast.

renee erickson, brunch prep seattle

The toasts were smeared with saffron aoili, then topped with heirloom tomatoes, chevre, herbs and a poached egg. Sadly, I didn’t get a photo of this, as I was too excited to eat :P I am sure you all can understand.

The event was the perfect way to spend a Friday morning! The venue, the food, decor and company were delightful! I am honored to have been invited by Noosa to attend such a wonderful event!



Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Noosa Yoghurt. All opinions are my own.


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