First Mystery Box!

Again.. spoiler alert if you have not yet watched the second episode of MasterChef Season 6. Watch here: MasterChef on Fox


Our first Mystery Box challenge included ingredients we all had in our respective refrigerators at home. I was absolutely ecstatic to lift up that wooden box and find turmeric, sumac, fennel, lentils, capers, kalamata olives, goat cheese, feta cheese, Greek yogurt, dates, and sea bass.

We had one hour and I really got ahead of myself. I attempted to do too much but this lesson was learned: 60 minutes in the MasterChef kitchen is not equal to 60 minutes at home. You are running around gathering the equipment you need, talking to the judges, and I mean the PRESSURE of cooking on such an incredible platform.

What I did end up making was a turmeric and date cake with a goat cheese icing and a balsamic and date reduction. My plating was off as I ran out of time so it was no surprise that I was not in the top 3. Did you see the top 3 dishes? They were beautiful and sounded delicious!

Dan’s savory eclairs (so creative) won and he was given a H U G E advantage! Not only was he not required to cook in the first elimination challenge, he was also able to save others from baking an apple pie.

Dan saved me! I was never so excited to see a Granny Smith apple in my life.. lol!

Unfortunately, things were not as easy as pie… not even pie itself and we had to say goodbye to the sweet Brianna and the incredible Mateo!

Be sure to watch next Wednesday June 3rd at 8pm (EST/PST) on Fox as we head into our FIRST team challenge!!! Let me just say, I have never been more shocked than I was that day!!





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