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Roasted Acorn Squash Salad

I love to cook with ingredients that are in season. This ensures the most flavorful, fresh and sustainable eating habits.

If you want to start cooking seasonally begin by shopping at your local farmer’s market! While you’re at the market, take a look around. The produce you see are what are in season!

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With the fall comes a large variety of squash. This year, I have gravitated towards acorn squash and used it in a few different preparations.

I’ve stuffed some Acron Squash, and now I sliced them and roasted them for this salad.

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My intention with this salad was to make it a meal. I added the brown rice for carbs and cheese and almonds for protein.

This can also work without the rice! Or with a different grain such as quinoa or lentils! Have fun, get creative and make it your own 🙂

*Quick Tip: Make your dressing in a jar! This helps the fats in the oil break down into smaller molecules so they blend into a smoother texture with the citrus juice (or vinegar). The shallot also helps the emulsification process!

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