Chicken in Mushroom Gravy

I love mushroom gravy. A gravy without mushrooms is uninteresting. Opinions may differ on this, but I feel a good gravy is packed with mushrooms.

I began making mushroom gravy for Thanksgiving several years ago. The recipe was adopted from Emril Live (he made the gravy on an open face sandwich).

At that time, I sat in front of the TV with a notebook and wrote down the recipes that were being demonstrated on the Food Network.

This recipe came to life one weekday evening when the infamous question was posed to Hussein; “what do you want for dinner?”. He of course responded with “whatever”.

I had picked up some beautiful mushrooms from the farmers market and wanted to incorporate them somehow. But the only thing my mind would allow me to make with them was my favorite mushroom gravy!

mushrooms, close up of mushrooms, chantrelle mushrooms

*Tip: I recommend dry roasting your mushrooms. This simply means, placing them in a pan and allowing the liquid to evaporate from the mushrooms before adding fat or oil to the pan. This really helps intensify the mushroom flavor and helps with the consistency of the gravy 🙂dry roasting mushrooms, mushrooms roasting, mushrooms in pan

Here is the recipe to my Chicken in Mushroom Gravy

[yumprint-recipe id=’8′]

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