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Easy Halloween Treats

I receive several requests for recipes each day. One of the most consistent request is for “something easy”.

For those requesting easy recipes, you have been heard. And with Halloween right around the corner, I thought I would make something festive, fun and most importantly, easy!

This is a super easy “recipe” (I use that term lightly here, as this post is to be used as inspiration).

Halloween treats, marshmallow treats, easy chocolate treats

If you’re like me, you tend to wait to the last minute to decide on what to make. And that’s all right on most days. But when its a National Food Day (I can’t keep up with these) or a holiday, procrastinating can be a problem.

No worries, I have you covered. With just a few simple ingredients (Wilton Chocolate Melts, Pretzels, Marshmallows and sprinkles) you can have an assortment of Halloween treats in no time!

easy treats, halloween treats

assorted wilton candy melts

If you don’t have time to buy chocolate candy melts, you can use white chocolate chips and use food coloring to make different colors 🙂

Easy Halloween Treats
  • Green, Black and Orange candy melts
  • Pretzel rods
  • mini pretzels
  • Marshmallows
  • assorted candies and sprinkles
  1. Melt chocolate candies in microwave in 30 second intervals
  2. Dip marshmallows into the melted chocolate
  3. Use a sandwich bag to pipe small details onto the marshmallows
  4. Add sprinkles to decorate while chocolate is still wet
  5. Allow to dry
  6. Enjoy!


To use the chocolate melts to make a Halloween chocolate bark, spread the melted chocolate onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet.

Drop other colors of melted chocolate and swirl it using the tip of a knife.

how to make chocolate bark, easy halloween treats how to make chocolate bark

easy halloween treats, chocolate bark



Top with sprinkles and candies.



Allow to harden, and break into pieces.

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